Pretending, creating and imagining.

outdoor playyardOur preschool children are typically three years of age prior to Sept 30th. Each day has large blocks of time for free-play as well as structured activities. Social interaction and learning through play is strongly encouraged. Each day begins with circle time followed by teacher directed activity and snack. Our outdoor playyard is the perfect place to explore outside and engage in physical activity to really wake up the senses.  Dramatic play areas, books and learning games are always available for independent learning. Song and dance is a great alternative to “desk learning” and is used on a daily basis. Music class and Spanish class is also a component of our pre-school curriculum.

boy outsideMonthly calendars are sent home to alert parent s to special days like Bike day, pajama day, and teddy bear day to name a few. The curriculum is based around monthly themes and holidays. The students in the pre-school are working toward independence in putting their coats and boots on and off, putting their dishes away and cleaning up after play or activity. Through self-directed as well as teacher directed activities strong emphasis is placed on fine and gross motor development. It is truly amazing to watch the progress from September to June of this classroom!