Expressing, sharing and exploring.

blonde girlOur pre-kindergarten children are typically 4 prior to September 30th. These children are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work! Our priority in this classroom is to properly prepare these students for kindergarten but not forgetting to instill a love of learning along the way. Each child is pushed to his/her potential in a friendly, nurturing way that asks the child to challenge him/herself but not to overwhelm. Through language arts, math, science, music and Spanish we are able to provide an excellent blend of the necessary tools for kindergarten.

From circle time all the way to class dismissal children are learning at their own pace. The size of our playyard provides ample opportunity to release some energy in a safe environment. Special activities in this classroom include the Thanksgiving feast, Mother’s Day tea and Father’s Day pancake breakfast. Bike days and pajama days are also big hits within this classroom.  The Holiday play is a tradition that all the children look forward to every year.

girl in a playhouseOur curriculum is based around the core subjects of language arts, math and science. We are fortunate to be able to add in music and Spanish instruction as well. Our exposure to appropriate pre-reading activities prepares the children for future success in the world of independent reading.  Learning happens through structured activities as well as independent exploration of educational games, dramatic play areas and social interactions.